Assure started its journey in 2007 in the real-estate industry. We’ve delivered a large number of apartments with modern facilities and with outstanding architectural design by Satisfying our flat owners and Individual requirements of our landowners as considering maximum importance.

"Home for peace" refers to peace and comfort at home to live in safety. The most extensive interpretation of the statement is for collective security, comfort and preservation of mind peace when staying in your leaving space. By the grace of Almighty Allah we’ve targeted to set the standard of our statement as a reputed real-estate brand.


Assure being a member of REHAB from a long time. We focus on very conscious selection of project sites, quality construction materials, modern fittings and uncompromised standards. These qualities have allowed us to become such a successful entity in a short duration of time. We’ve also achieved the certificate of ISO 9001:2015 by creating the working standard of day to day contribution by differentiating & valuing each and every department in construction and sale for our product. We always keep natural disasters in mind when we are working on a new project. We follow the strict guidelines from BNBC for infrastructure and architecture, and we can assure that any of the Assure buildings are capable of handling an earthquake within 7.5 magnitude. Our next target is to ensure Green Building facilities by using latest technologies, latest materials and most importantly to conserve energy. 


We believe in maintaining a degree of professionalism in the context of construction while finding an understanding connection with the customers to meet their demands. We would like to contribute to the national economy because the overall development and progression of a nation allows all of citizens to prosper.


We Assure don’t want to just make buildings that provide shelter; your house is your place of safety in our sense.